Got an MOT and service

4 Jan

So yesterday was the day for my annual MOT and service of the small car

I park the car and go into their showroom.

I take a seat while Andy on the service desk gets my paper work.

I notice that there is a charge on the paperwork of £49 for the MOT.

I tell him that as the car was purchased from there, part of the deal was that so long as I also got it served there, I don’t pay for the MOT. I said that I had explained this over the phone while making the booking, that I don’t pay for the MOT.

So Andy spends a few silent minutes typing into his computer.

He questions me on the paying for my MOT. He asks me if I have proof. I tell him that this is my 4th MOT and I’ve never paid and never been questioned about it. I tell him that I fact when I went for my 1st MOT it was them who pointed out to me that I wouldn’t have to pay for the MOT.

He says he needs to check another computer out the back. Off he disappears.

He comes back and again questions me about paying for my MOT. So I reiterate that I have never paid for an MOT and that I don’t intend to start, just because he can’t find anything on his computer system.

He goes off to get his manager. His manager wants so know what my problem is. So I explain that I don’t pay for my MOTs as I had purchased the car from there 5 years ago. I told him that so long as I had my car serviced with them, that the MOTs would be free.

He asked me about my service plan. I said I don’t know anything about a service plan, just that once a year, I make my service and MOT appointment, drop off the car key and return a few hours later, pay for the service and go.

He then asks if it’s normally me who deals with the car. So I say yes, it’s me, it’s my car, it’s in my name. I tell him I last brought the car in in Dec 24th 2011 and had no troubles.

He then said was I sure that perhaps my husband or another family member dealt with my car.

I was just a tad shocked. I mean, we are in 2013. So I say “do not presume because I am a woman that I do not know what I am talking about“.

He said, well I don’t know your situation…maybe…He trails off.

I sit there. I say nothing. He says, you don’t look very happy.

I tell him that I am insulted. He asks me why. I tell him that I am insulted that he thinks I am trying to get out of paying them £49 for an MOT, when I’m paying for the service, have bought another car from them (we are a 2 car family) and have had numerous works carried out by them over the years. I tell him I have been a loyal customer and that I had noticed in the last 2 years how the customer services in this office had gone down hill.

He said he was sorry I felt like that and could possibly sort something out as a gesture of good will. I tell him I am trained in customer service and that what he just said to me is typical sales patter.

I reiterate that I will not be paying for the MOT, I never have and it’s not my problem if nothing shows up on their computer systems.

Oh, he says, you can have the MOT for free. I thought you wanted your service for free. That’s why I was talking about service plans.

Now, dear reader, I don’t expect you to read the above again, but I’m sure you all realised that I was referring to the MOT.

It is important to listen. I hope Andy and his manager learnt that.

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