Potty training…again…

5 Jan

He’s still not wee’d


I am trying to potty train child 3. Child 1 and 2 were trained at just aged 3. I don’t recall it being  this much hard work. 

Said toddler will be 4 in April. I have been trying to potty train him for months and months. I have tried bribery, we have books on the subject. But he is stubborn. More stubborn than I could ever imagine.

Today we have tried again. My husband has made the white pants gang. Brown bear and Big bear are wearing white pants. We wrestled the unwilling toddler into his white pants. 

The two bears have done a wee on the potty (with the aid of some water!).

The toddler has yet to wee. And it’s nearly 4pm. He woke up with a dry nappy. He can hold. He appears to be in no discomfort. 

I have placed him on the potty. He will…

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