The wonder of photographs

11 Jan

Do you remember having to ration how many photos you took? 

“There’s only 24 photos on that film” my mother would say. 

So you’d take the photo. You were unable to review the picture.

When the film was finished it had to be left at the chemist for a good week or sent off in the post.

Only when the photographs were returned did we see the outcome.  The one where a cousin had his fingers in a rabbit pose behind my head. Or someone’s eyes are closed. Or the photo is blurred.

There was an excitement in getting the photos.

Nowadays, with modern technology, we can snap a photo 24/7. We can view the picture straight away. We can delete those picture we don’t like. In my case, all of them! We can photo shop pictures. We can print them at home. 

But do we print those pictures? I must admit, I have hundreds of photos on my camera, my phone and a few on my iPad. None of them are printed. 

I bought a camera in Jessops last summer. When I was in the shop, I did wonder show the shop still traded in these modern times Little did I know that just over most this later, this chain would go under. Another victim of the recession and modern times. 

We all have access to the Internet. We all shop around. We want the best deal. I only went into Jessops as I didn’t dare buy a camera online, just in case it was too technical for me! In store,I was served by a knowledgable member of staff. She checked the shelf price against the online price and charged me the cheaper online price. 

I’ve used the camera. I’ve not had any on the photos developed! And I’ll use the camera more if anyone can tell we where the charger for it is! 

Ive included a picture of my toddler that he took earlier today on this iPad. I have over 2000 photos on this device, mostly taken by the toddler!

 That’s  my head behind him, I was cleaning the fish tank! Image

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