11 May

So, new year, new blog. And then I lost my mojo.

I didn’t really know what to blog about. Other people’s blogs were far more interesting.

Now I have some stuff going on & things to blog about.

I have the joys of selling my house & buying another one. The most stressful thing at the moment is keeping it tidy for potential viewers.

My youngest son has been diagnosed autistic & with global delay. I am coming to terms with that & trying to get all the support & help for him that I can.

Also I am on yet another weight loss journey. 3 years ago I lost weight & got to a target weight I was happy with. And then I put most of it back on. Buying some jeans in my current size & finding out the button wouldn’t do up was a bit of a shock. I decided that the company I bought them from had changed their sizing. Of course, they hadn’t.

So I have a few things I can write about & I hope you will find interesting to read.

Have a lovely weekend & I hope you will come back & read my next update.

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