Food cost & diet

12 May

I have decided enough is enough & I must get back to a size 12 after I was pushing going into a size 16.
I generally cook from scratch, but I must admit, I was snacking a lot on cheap crisps, chocolate & other snacks.

I bought the above in offer from various supermarkets.

Since joining slimming world 2 weeks ago, my shopping bill has rocketed.

Mainly on the huge amounts of veg, salad & fruit I am now eating.

We are all aware of how hard times are now. People everywhere are cutting back.

Food prices have soared. I remember a few years ago thinking 85p was expensive for a loaf of bread. Am lucky if a loaf of decent bread is under £1.50.

I do my main shop in Aldi. I menu plan & I buy food, cleaning products & toiletries when they are on offer as much as I can.

I have noticed that the cheapest food is generally the unhealthiest. The cereals on offer are the ones high in sugar. Multi bags of crisps/sweets/biscuits & chocolate are on offer & are prominently displayed in the supermarkets.

By comparison, fruit & vegetables are quite expensive. And if you are short of money but have hungry mouths to feed, cheap carbs will be the way forward.

30p on a packet of cheap biscuits or 30p on one apple. You have a hungry family, children who need regular snacks, you decide.

If you can cook & have the facilities, maybe you will cook from scratch & use decent but cheap food. Like this lady

Basic cooking has taken a back seat in recent years. Cooking programmes are all over the television but rarely are they aimed at us real people at home, trying to create healthy meals with an ever decreasing food budget.

Cooking lessons in school are near useless if my daughters lessons are anything to go by.

Unless you’ve been taught to cook by a family member or have taught yourself to cook, then you will be reliant on ready meals. Fat & salt laden & filled with goodness knows what.

It is no wonder there are more & more overweight people. It isn’t necessarily that everyone is over eating. Although some people are, I was! Cheap food is calorie laden with little nutritional value. It leaves you feeling hungry. So you eat more. And so the cycle starts.

The government has a healthy eating policy, I see posters in schools & doctors surgery’s. But until healthy food is made cheaper & unhealthy food isn’t on offer all the time, then I see no end to the raising obesity.

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