My youngest son

15 May

My youngest son has recently seen a specialist & has been diagnosed on the autistic spectrum & with global delay.

I first began to think Olly might a little different to other children of his age, just before he turned 3. I attended a parent & toddler group and began to notice that Olly didn’t interact with the other children. Nor did he talk as much as children his age and younger. 
To be honest, I ignored it. I thought he was a bit behind and he would catch up.
Last May,  he saw a health visitor who referred him to a speech therapist. A whole year later, he has seen the speech therapist twice & has been signed off for nursery to help him. To say I am not happy with this outcome is an understatement.  
Olly began pre school in September 2012. They are a fabulous set of “aunties” there. They genuinely care about all of their children. They have been brilliant with Olly. His Senco, Auntie Wendy has been a rock for me & I couldn’t have got as far with him as I have.
I spoke to her regarding his behaviour earlier this year. I said I suspected he was on the autistic spectrum. She refused to label him but said I ought to see my gp & get Olly referred to a specialist for a diagnosis.
We saw a doctor at the beginning of April and at that appointment he said he suspected Olly was on the autistic spectrum. We had a letter back saying he is on the autistic spectrum & has global delay. The global delay is his social side. He doesn’t interact much & doesn’t converse. 
So now I am on the roller coaster of getting further help & waiting for various appointments. Everything seems to take so long & some things (like speech therapy) are a bit of a fight.
I am in the process of trying to speed up his appointment with the educational psychologist as he starts school in September. I am going to meet up with a local support group on Friday. And I am going to get back onto the speech therapy department for some more help for Olly.
Basically, I will be fighting all the way for my son to ensure he gets all the help he requires. 
Oh & as I finished typing this, the educational psychologist called & we have an appointment on June 12th. I called this morning to hurry the appointment along! Image
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