Dieting. Or healthy eating.

16 May

I’ve recently made the decision to lose some weight. Again.

This time I am not on a diet. If I am on a diet, I have to ban certain things. You know, chocolate, cake, biscuits…all the lovely things.
This time I am healthy eating.
I am doing this through Slimming World*.
I am into my 3rd week and so far so good.
I have lost 4.5lbs.
I need the motivation of going to class. I have paid for 12 weeks upfront to keep me going.
On the Slimming World* healthy eating plan, nothing is banned. In fact you are encouraged to eat.
Most meat is free to eat. Including bacon! (Fat removed!) Fish is free to eat. Fruit, salad & vegetables are free to eat. Pasta, potatoes & rice are free to eat. Also eggs, legumes  & quorn are free to eat.
You must have some dairy & other carbs each day through Healthy choices. 
Other foods have a Syn value. Members are encouraged to eat some Syns (up to 15) every day. Some members use theirs for wine! 
There is also the option of flexible Syns. So if you have a night out planned, you don’t have to eat lettuce all night. You set yourself an amount of Syns & stop once you hit that. The next day, you return to the healthy eating plan as normal.
An example of what I eat:
Breakfast: bacon, eggs & mushrooms. Grapefruit. Banana.
Lunch: salmon, salad, new potatoes, very low fat mayo
Dinner: spaghetti bolognaise topped with cheese. 
Snacks could be some muesli mixed with yogurt or some fruit. 
And some chocolate! 
Next week, I hope to join a gym & start doing exercise to tone up as I go along. I hope to lose another 2 stone.
I will keep you updated on my progress!
*Other healthy eating plans are available! 


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