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Did you vote?

7 May

Well if you didn’t vote, you’ve missed it for the General Election for 5 years.

I do have quite strong opinions about voting. I believe you should. There will never be a party you will totally agree with, but you should vote for the party that you agree the most with. Apart from UKIP. You shouldn’t vote UKIP.

I think voting should be compulsory. And I think the voting age should be lowered to 16.

I am pleased to see through social media that voter turn out seems to be high.

No no matter what happens, remember people fought and died for your right to vote.


Bank Holiday Monday

4 May

In recent years, I have Grown Up. I am interested in my garden. Today I went to the garden centre. I also went on Saturday.

I am loving the planting, loving the small transformations to my garden. It’s got a long way to go till it’s how I want it.

The garden centre was busy, clearly garden centres are a big draw on Bank Holidays in the Spring & Summer.

Tomorrow I will need to get on with getting rid of a bush I don’t like. Inbetween school runs & work.

Also bought the Eldest a new bed today. And got bamboozled by the delivery charges. In the end I only got charged 1 delivery charge. And that was nearly £50. Astounding. And in this day & age, there is still only the option of AM & PM delivery & no Saturday delivery. Meaning that I will have to take a day off work to wait in, possibly 2  if the mattress & bed don’t arrive on the same day as they come from different manufacturers. And the youngest won’t be able to go to school as I can’t risk missing delivery at the school run times. *rant over*

Thank you for reading, see told you I would be back!

Not blogged for a heck of a long time

3 May

Well Hello to anyone who reads this.

I have decided that the wider world needs to hear my ramblings so I shall start to blog regularly.

As a refresher, I’m a married mother of 3 children. 2 of the teenage variety & a 6 year old. I work part time.

I will talk about anything & everything.

Till Tomorrow folks x