Bank Holiday Monday

4 May

In recent years, I have Grown Up. I am interested in my garden. Today I went to the garden centre. I also went on Saturday.

I am loving the planting, loving the small transformations to my garden. It’s got a long way to go till it’s how I want it.

The garden centre was busy, clearly garden centres are a big draw on Bank Holidays in the Spring & Summer.

Tomorrow I will need to get on with getting rid of a bush I don’t like. Inbetween school runs & work.

Also bought the Eldest a new bed today. And got bamboozled by the delivery charges. In the end I only got charged 1 delivery charge. And that was nearly £50. Astounding. And in this day & age, there is still only the option of AM & PM delivery & no Saturday delivery. Meaning that I will have to take a day off work to wait in, possibly 2  if the mattress & bed don’t arrive on the same day as they come from different manufacturers. And the youngest won’t be able to go to school as I can’t risk missing delivery at the school run times. *rant over*

Thank you for reading, see told you I would be back!

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