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Did you vote?

7 May

Well if you didn’t vote, you’ve missed it for the General Election for 5 years.

I do have quite strong opinions about voting. I believe you should. There will never be a party you will totally agree with, but you should vote for the party that you agree the most with. Apart from UKIP. You shouldn’t vote UKIP.

I think voting should be compulsory. And I think the voting age should be lowered to 16.

I am pleased to see through social media that voter turn out seems to be high.

No no matter what happens, remember people fought and died for your right to vote.


Bank Holiday Monday

4 May

In recent years, I have Grown Up. I am interested in my garden. Today I went to the garden centre. I also went on Saturday.

I am loving the planting, loving the small transformations to my garden. It’s got a long way to go till it’s how I want it.

The garden centre was busy, clearly garden centres are a big draw on Bank Holidays in the Spring & Summer.

Tomorrow I will need to get on with getting rid of a bush I don’t like. Inbetween school runs & work.

Also bought the Eldest a new bed today. And got bamboozled by the delivery charges. In the end I only got charged 1 delivery charge. And that was nearly £50. Astounding. And in this day & age, there is still only the option of AM & PM delivery & no Saturday delivery. Meaning that I will have to take a day off work to wait in, possibly 2  if the mattress & bed don’t arrive on the same day as they come from different manufacturers. And the youngest won’t be able to go to school as I can’t risk missing delivery at the school run times. *rant over*

Thank you for reading, see told you I would be back!

Not blogged for a heck of a long time

3 May

Well Hello to anyone who reads this.

I have decided that the wider world needs to hear my ramblings so I shall start to blog regularly.

As a refresher, I’m a married mother of 3 children. 2 of the teenage variety & a 6 year old. I work part time.

I will talk about anything & everything.

Till Tomorrow folks x

The painfully slow process of getting SN help

17 Sep

Not posted a blog for a long time.
 Don’t know who will read it as I think one needs to post regularly to get followers.
 I’ve moved since I last posted a blog. That took most of my time.

 I need to come back & have a place to let out all my feelings about my son & his special needs.

 He is autistic & has global developmental delay.
 He is 4 & has just started full time school.
 His extra needs 1st came to light when a health visitor did his 3 year check in May 2012.
 He was referred to speech therapy. He has had 3 speech therapy appointments since then.
 When he started nursery, I saw he was not like his peers. I spoke to the Senco at his nursery in February this year. We agreed that he needed a referral to a paediatrician to discuss my worries.
 I saw a consultant in April this year.
 He saw Olly for about an hour & a half. Then we were to have more appointments. Another one in 6 months with him. So that should be October this year. It is in December.
 Olly also needs a Multi Disciplinary Assessment. Olly will go in front of a panel of people who will say for certain that he is autistic. This appointment is very important. He is currently 36th on the list for an appointment & apparently he may be seen by Christmas. Except they only do 1 appointment a week where I am. So him being seen by Christmas is overly optimistic. 

Today I have started the process to get a statement of needs for Olly so he gets extra help at school. He is “ok” in reception class but he will really need the extra help by year 1. We need to start the process now, in order that his extra help will be available by the time he starts year 1.

I am grateful for all the help that is available. But getting the help is utterly exhausting.

 Thanks for reading & any feedback regarding what I’ve written or blogging would be lovely.

This morning

22 May

It was photo day in nursery today.

A few months ago I bought some t shirts for Olly. They have animals on the front. He loves animals.
He also hates new clothes, clothes he is not familiar with.
I put out the 3 t shirts & asked him to choose one from the lion, giraffe or elephant. 
He refused to look at them. So I selected one. And attempted to put it on him.
And he had a huge melt down. “No top, no top” he yelled.
I went & got a top he was familiar with.
He is growing out of many of his tops, so I am going to have to leave his new tops hanging around so he can get used to them.
Then I needed to comb his wild hair. After 6 laps of the downstairs, I had managed to get the comb through one section. This was a success!
We get to nursery.
As the photographer is there, the set up is a bit different.
He wants to go & sit in his normal place where he changes from his outdoor shoes. He can’t, so I stop him or he will ruin someone’s photo! So he plonks himself down where he is. In the way. I manage to quickly change his shoes.
He is supposed to go into the other room. He Will Not. “No no no” he yells.
So I pick him up & remove him & take him to the other room.
All this & it was only 0915! 


21 May


Channel 4 is showing a 3 part series about a housing estate called Westcliff in Scunthorpe. 
The intention of the programme is to show what life is like during the recession when people are hard up.
What the programme actually does is show an estate in the worst light that it can. 
Journalists working for the Daily Mail must have been cheering from the roof tops as this programme will keep them in sensational, single mums & people on benefits are scum columns for weeks. 
We have Dean. Father of 7. Him & his partner are reliant on benefits. The programme makers have glossed over the fact that Dean worked at the local steal works for 23 years until it closed down.
Hayley has 5 children by 3 fathers & is also reliant on the benefits system. We saw her getting married to her partner. She is 21. In 5 years her youngest will go to school & Hayley, who came across as an articulate young lady, will be able to train & go out & get a job. Lets say she’s back out at work by 28, she could do at least 40 years working. 
We were also shown how utterly beholden to the benefits system she was. Tax credits decided they hadn’t been informed that her partner was living with her, so immediately stopped the benefit while a joint application was being made. Hayley had £5 left & twin babies to provide milk for as well as feeding her other 3 children. She ended up at a food bank. Hayley also pointed out that if she let her babies go hungry & without nappies, the authorities wouldn’t be happy. And yet she was left with no money to provide these essentials.
Whatever you think of the benefits system, it should not treat its clients with such disdain. They are playing with real people’s lives & generally speaking, lack of money has a great impact on the children.
Quite heartbreaking was a young girl called Jamilia. She was 16 years old. She had clearly been let down since the day she was born. There were no parents around or any other responsible adults. She had a baby at 15 who was taken away from her after the birth. Jamilia was quite open about the fact that her life right now was too chaotic to have her baby live with her. She was living in shared accommodation with amongst others, a heroin addict. She was an angry girl & to be honest, it’s hardly surprising. She’s had a hideous life so far & no prospects for her future. She made herself up to go to court, in the hope that if she looked good, her baby could stay in foster care till she was settled & not go for adoption. The baby was put up for adoption. At the end of last nights programme, Jamilia is seen in her own flat. I am torn between thinking her baby has been taken from her permanently, before she had a chance to settle down & thinking that hopefully the cycle of poverty & neglect had stopped for now. 
The rich programme makers have found themselves some people who may be desperate for a bit of fame. Or just something to liven up the daily grind of poverty. It has managed to show benefits claimants in the worst light possible. 
I am waiting for a programme that shows tax avoiders in the worst light possible as well.

The daily battle.

20 May

The daily battle..