The customer isn’t right, even when she is…

A few weeks ago, I filled my car at the petrol station. It’s also a busy shop.

I wait to be served. The customer at the till is buying a lot of groceries. There are 4 tills. Only 1 person serving.

Eventually a call is made for more checkout staff.

Off I go to get served. My money is in my hand ready. And I’d managed to get a round pound of fuel! Go me!

“pump 4 please” I say.

She sighs, annoyed. “No, there’s nothing for pump 4 but pump 6 has x amount on it” she snapped at me.

I had been in the queue long enough to check many times what pump I was at.

I tell her it is pump 4, I am certain. I show her the correct money for my fuel.

She is insistent. There is nothing showing on her till.

I know no one has mistakenly paid as there was only 1 person in front of me, and she was next to me buying cigarettes.

So I say to the lady that’s my model and give her the registration number of my car at Pump 4.

She flounced off to find a supervisor. She comes back and says “she says she’s at pump 4 but there’s nothing on my system”

The supervisor also questioned me.

“right” I say ” I am on the way to pick up my son from nursery. I have the £30 here for my fuel, which I want to pay for. Please take my money.”

They decide to enter the transaction manually on the till.

I pay. I am triumphant!  I also make sure I take the receipt.

I don’t get a thanks or an apology for my custom or wasted time. I appreciate that there was an error on their system. But I was polite. And in the right.

Years ago it used to be that the customer is always right.

Nowadays see frequently seems that the customer has to prove he is right. And even then, he isn’t.

That day it seemed that every little didn’t help.


One Response to “The customer isn’t right, even when she is…”

  1. citygirlnomore (@citygirlnomore) January 3, 2013 at 4:15 pm #

    Disgusting. Write a letter of complaint to their CEO. Think you will find a company on twitter called @CEOmail they hold addresses and contact details for most companies CEO’s. This should get them listening, tried and tested by me and others.

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